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Salad Leaves Garden Supply Heirloom Organic Seeds Vegetable Seeds

Lettuce Romaine Red Seeds

(Pack contains avg. of 50 seeds)
₹ 110.00
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Temperature: 18-22℃
Season: Sep - Nov
Optimal pH: 6.0 - 6.8
Sowing: Transplant or Direct
Spacing: 6 - 10"
Germination: 3 - 15 Days
Maturity: 50 - 60 Days
Viability: 2-4 Years

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Romaine Red lettuce, scientifically known as Lactuca sativa, is a vibrant and flavorful variety of lettuce. It is known for its elongated, upright heads and crisp texture. Romaine Red lettuce is a popular choice for salads, sandwiches, and wraps, adding both visual appeal and a slightly sweet taste to dishes.


Plant morphology: Romaine Red lettuce forms tall, upright heads with elongated leaves. The leaves are deep red in color, adding a striking visual element to salads and other dishes. The texture is crisp and the flavor is slightly sweet with a hint of bitterness. The inner leaves are typically lighter in color compared to the outer leaves.


Common names: Romaine lettuce, Cos lettuce, Red leaf lettuce


Soil and climatic requirements: Romaine Red lettuce thrives in well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. It prefers a slightly acidic to neutral soil pH ranging from 6.0 to 7.0. It is a cool-season crop and performs best in mild temperatures. It can tolerate some heat, but prolonged hot weather may cause the leaves to become bitter and bolt (produce flowers and go to seed).


Planting type: Direct sowing or transplanting


Cropping season: Romaine Red lettuce is typically grown in spring or fall, but it can also be grown in summer with proper shade and irrigation to protect it from heat stress. It can be sown successively for continuous harvest.


Spacing: For optimal growth, space the lettuce plants about 15-25 cm apart in rows that are spaced approximately 30-45 cm apart.


Depth of sowing: Sow the lettuce seeds at a depth of about 0.5-1 cm in the soil.


Germination period: Lettuce seeds usually germinate within 3-15 days under favorable conditions.


Hours of sunlight required: Romaine Red lettuce prefers full sun exposure, requiring at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day. However, it can tolerate some shade during hot summer months.


Watering: Romaine Red lettuce requires regular watering to keep the soil consistently moist. Water deeply and evenly, ensuring the soil does not dry out completely. Avoid overwatering, as it may lead to rot or disease. Mulching can help retain soil moisture and regulate temperature.


Harvesting: Romaine Red lettuce can be harvested when the heads are firm and fully developed, usually around 50-60 days after planting. Harvest the entire head by cutting it at the base just above the soil level. Alternatively, you can harvest outer leaves individually, allowing the inner leaves to continue growing.


Companion crops: Romaine Red lettuce can be planted alongside other cool-season vegetables like radishes, carrots, and herbs.


Problems of lettuce cultivation:


Pests: Common pests that can affect lettuce include aphids, slugs, snails, and caterpillars. Regular monitoring and appropriate pest control measures may be necessary to prevent damage.


Diseases: Lettuce can be susceptible to diseases such as downy mildew, powdery mildew, and lettuce leaf spot. Proper plant spacing, good airflow, and practicing crop rotation can help reduce the risk of disease.

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