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Ornamental Grass Garden Supply Hybrid Flowers Organic Seeds Flower Seeds
Ornamental Grass Garden Supply Hybrid Flowers Organic Seeds Flower Seeds
Ornamental Grass Garden Supply Hybrid Flowers Organic Seeds Flower Seeds

Kochia - Burning Bush Ornamental Seeds

(Pack contains avg. of 50 seeds)
₹ 135.00
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Temperature: 16-22℃
Season: Jul - Sep
Optimal pH: 5.8 - 6.2
Sowing: Transplant or Direct
Spacing: 24 - 36"
Germination: 10 - 14 Days
Maturity: -
Viability: 1 Years

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Kochia, scientifically known as Kochia scoparia, is an annual herbaceous plant that is native to Eurasia but is now found in various parts of the world. It is commonly grown for ornamental purposes and also has several practical uses.


Plant morphology: Kochia is a bushy plant that typically grows up to 1 meter in height. It has slender, green stems with small, narrow leaves that are initially green but turn reddish as the plant matures. The foliage has a feathery appearance, giving the plant an attractive and unique look.


Common names: Kochia, Burning bush, Summer cypress, Mexican fireweed


Soil and climatic requirements: Kochia can thrive in a wide range of soil types, including sandy, loamy, and clayey soils. It prefers well-drained soil but can tolerate poor soil conditions. In terms of climate, Kochia is adaptable and can grow in both cool and warm regions. It is drought-tolerant and can withstand high temperatures.


Planting type: Direct sowing or transplanting


Cropping season: Kochia is typically sown or transplanted in spring, after the last frost has passed. The growing season lasts until late summer or early fall.


Spacing: For optimal growth, space Kochia plants approximately 30-45 cm apart to provide sufficient room for them to spread.


Depth of sowing: Sow the seeds at a depth of about 1-2 cm in the soil.


Germination period: Kochia seeds usually germinate within 10-14 days under favorable conditions.


Hours of sunlight required: Kochia thrives in full sun exposure, requiring at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day.


Watering: Kochia is a relatively drought-tolerant plant. It prefers moderate watering and can survive in dry conditions. However, during prolonged dry spells, regular watering is recommended to ensure healthy growth.


Uses: Kochia is commonly used as an ornamental plant in gardens and landscapes due to its unique foliage and bushy appearance. It is also sometimes grown as a forage crop for livestock. Additionally, Kochia has been used for medicinal purposes in traditional herbal medicine.


Problems of Kochia cultivation:


Pests: Kochia can be susceptible to aphids, mites, and other common garden pests. Regular monitoring and appropriate pest control measures may be necessary to prevent infestations.


Diseases: Kochia is generally resistant to many common diseases. However, under unfavorable conditions, it may be prone to fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and root rot. Proper plant care, including good airflow and soil drainage, can help minimize the risk of disease.

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High-quality seeds that produced a healthy and vibrant plant with unique and beautiful appearance. Easy to germinate and grow, enjoyable and rewarding process. Highly recommended for adding a visually stunning plant to the garden.

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