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Seed Germination Kit (Ladyfinger)

Seed Germination Kit (Ladyfinger)

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Here's an easy seed germination kit for absolute beginners.

You will get the following seeds and germination media:
  • Cocopeat Powder (900gm)
  • Vermicompost (450gm)
  • Ladyfinger Seeds (10gm)

➢ Steps for growing plants from seeds in your garden:

1. Take a small pot, pro tray or any container with some small drainage hole.

2. Now prepare the Cocopeat for seed germination by filling it into the container and making it a little moist.

3. Now sow the seeds about 2-3 times as deep as the diameter of the seed.
(For leafy greens & most herbs like coriander, spinach, fenugreek, mint etc you can simply sprinkle the seeds over the surface of the germination media.)

4. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of media and sprinkle the water gently ensuring that it does not expose the seeds.
(For better watering you can bottom feed the pots, do this by simply placing the pot in a tray or container filled with water and let it soak the water for some time. Once it gets moist up to the top, just remove it.)

5. Don’t let the soil go completely dry or fully wet, this will lead the seeds to die. Only put the water when it appears dry.


6. Once the seeds germinate and starts to develop the True leafs(after the first 2 leafs), you can add some vermicompost in very small quantity. You can use a teaspoon of it per seedling.

7. Once seedlings reach about 3-4 Inches, you can transplant them to the appropriate size pots.
(Pots of 12 Inch works best for most Vegetable plants and 8-10 Inch for Flowers. For best results plant only one plant per pot but no more than 3)

8. For transplanting the young plants growing in the pot or containers to their final spot, dig up a hole twice as wide as the root ball.

9. Fluff up the soil and add some organic fertilizer to boost the growth of your plant.

10. Place the root ball and cover the roots entirely with the soil. Water your plants gently after transplantation.

11. Keep these new plants in shade, then in partial shade for 3 days before putting them in direct hot sunlight.

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